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Atrion Charitable Foundation partners with specialty programs, most of which are 100% run by volunteers with no other means to raise large sums of money for the wonderful work that they do. We work together with the community to create fun, unique events that help those who have sacrificed the most to keep us safe, as well as provide supplies, training, and jobs for military veterans.


Paying it forward by raising funds for charities that support active military, military veterans, first responders, and their families, while honoring and remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice keeping America safe.


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Swing for a Cause!

Join the Atrion team, along with many of our top partners who help make this outing possible, for a day on the Golf Course in support of our local charities. Enjoy a day of golf, dinner, drinks, raffles, prizes, and more!

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We host community events regularly to help support military, veterans, and first responders. Check it out!

Every Donation Counts

We distribute donations based on the highest need, so you always know your efforts are making an impact. 


As a United States Marine and veteran of the very unpopular Vietnam War, I experienced firsthand the challenges that military personnel face. With Vietnam, it was a conflict where there was not just a lack of support, but even outright distaste for the military. I remember being greeted with taunts of “baby killer” when I got off the plane upon returning home, with many of my fellow veterans experiencing similar hostility. In the military, we were simply trained to do our job and follow orders, which we tried to do to the best of our ability despite being thrust in truly awful situations. To receive such a reception after experiencing so much death all around me and risking my own life for my country really struck a nerve. With PTSD, war-related injuries, and suicide at record numbers for veterans, I wanted to do something more to show fellow military personnel they didn’t have to fight alone.

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